What Freedge beauty offers is a disruptive concept to reinvent the cosmetics of tomorrow.

For this we have:

  • A team: We are 3 partners with more than 50 years of combined cosmetic expertise in R & D, marketing and sales, acquired in major groups: L’oréal, Johson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.
  • An innovative patented concept.
  • Partnerships already established from manufacturing to distribution that we have already met.

100% natural and ultra fresh,
without compromising on experience and efficiency!

Some figures to see more clearly in cosmetics:

Cosmetics in France is a market of 11 billion €.

Only 30% of women have confidence in conventional cosmetics (Mintel study)

60% of women have bought an organic cosmetic product in 2017, but organic cosmetics represent only 4% of the market (vs + 15% in food).

The regulation around the Natural / Organic is quite confused in cosmetics:

  • No legislation on the natural: we can say that a product is natural if it contains only 1% of natural ingredient !!!
  • There is legislation on organic: it takes 10% of ingredients from organic farming and 95% of ingredients of natural origin … which leaves room for 5% of chemicals !!! Not to mention the many BIO labels on the market that can disrupt users!
  • The majority of BIO products are based on essential oils so very allergenic.

We want to bring together the best of both worlds!

On the one hand conventional cosmetics, controversial today by the use of products not recommended (silicone, endocrine disruptors, preservatives, etc …), and on the other hand organic cosmetics which still lacks sensoriality and efficiency.

2 years of R & D in the premises of our partner GREENTECH, have allowed Freedge Beauty to reinvent cosmetics with the launch of a range of 100% natural and ultra fresh, healthy and effective facial care, for an uncompromising pleasure!

  • Healthy products, allergen-free and chemical-free ingredients and preservatives: we use the cold chain as a means of preservation. We are the first cosmetics brand sold in a refrigerator.
  • Efficiency boosted by the benefits extracted from our cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, which make up up to 90% of our formulas (instead of water in current cosmetics)
  • Everything changes but nothing changes with a “classic” use in the bathroom.

Passionate experts in cosmetics!

FREEDGE BEAUTY, it is 3 passionate experts of the cosmetic, Fabrice – Laurence and Arnaud, who decided to change life to change the life!

In order to change the paradoxes of cosmetics and invent the cosmetics of tomorrow, we decided to leave our positions of responsibility in large groups to develop our own brand by putting Man and nature at the heart of its development!

Not only internally, we want to make sense of what we do, but also in relationships with our customers, our suppliers or our partners we want more direct links and transparency. That’s why our shop will also be a visible point of sale production site for perfect transparency.

In the same way we have personally selected our organic producers for the quality of their products and we are talking directly with them!

As our products are 100% natural and ultra fresh, we follow the seasonality of fruits and vegetables: In winter there will be no strawberries in our care or clementine in August!

What we want is to offer you the best so that you can live as long as possible and in good health to enjoy your loved ones and your family!

With FREEDGE BEAUTY, dare a beautiful life!