Ultra Fresh finally arrives in cosmetics…

In food, we went from the tin can to the ultra fresh.

In cosmetics, the cool revolution has not taken place and we are still with 3 years of conservation!

At Freedge Beauty, we believe that freshness is a source of health, efficiency and well-being.

In June 2019, discover the first range of 100% natural and ultra fresh face care without compromising on pleasure and efficiency.


  • Selection of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables from local producers.
  • Assembly by our experts according to their virtues on the skin.

  • Cold pressing to guarantee a high concentration of active ingredients, a perfume, a 100% natural and zero allergenic color.
  • Assembly with a patented natural cosmetic base.

  • Packaging in recycled glass jars with a format suitable for 15 days of use in the bathroom.
  • Logic, it’s an ultra fresh product …


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